Saturday, December 24, 2011

Google App Engine : Your First Application

Lesson #3 Outlines
  1. Choosing Framework ( if you want )
  2. Authenticating Users
  3. Develop First Application 
1 - Choosing Framework ( if you want )

  • Choosing the best application framework almost always generates a heated debate.
  • There are pros and cons for each framework, and every developer has an opinion.
  • To ensure that your application will run within the App Engine server runtime environment, App Engine imposes some constraints that enable applications to run “nicely” together and be scalable across multiple distributed runtime instances.
  • While Google doesn't officially support the libraries or frameworks that run on App Engine, it does take a community-oriented approach to compatibility.
  • Popular Java libraries and frameworks are listed in the next Table 

2 - Authenticating Users 

  •     Nearly every web application nowadays requires user authentication.

  •     You’ll build out your authentication framework to let users enter and view timecard entries—naturally, only for themselves.

  •     Authentication with App Engine comes in two flavors. You can choose to plug into Google’s Accounts service (Users service), or you can roll your own with custom classes, tables, and memcache.
    User Services :

3 - Develop First Application

    1 – Create New web Application Project

    2 – Application Directories

    3 – Using User Authentication (Servlet Class)

    4 – View (Using JSP)

    5 - Update web.xml to ( include servlet class , jsp file , and chnage your welcome file )

    6 - Run Application As a web application (http://localhost:8888 )

    7 - Deploy the Application To upload your application click on this icon

   .... ( note ) .... : if you face any problem after creating your jsp file follow the next steps :

from window menu ---> choose preferences ---> select java ----> select installed JRE

we have Finished our lesson today ........ in the next lesson we will know how to store the greeting to be able to display all of them

To Be Continue

    To download the source code

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